In May 2000, the BioPathways Consortium (BPC) was founded by Dr. Eric Neumann (then at 3rd Millennium) and Dr. Vincent Schachter (then at Hybrigenics) to respond to the emerging work in biopathways and create a venue for researchers to present their emerging work in biopathways. Since then it has met at each ISMB and PSB meeting, where presentations on new applications of pathways information have been given by leading researchers in the field. Most of these meetings have been made possible through the kind support of our sponsors.

The BioPathways Consortium sees an urgent need to discuss and develop new informatics technologies that will support many forms of biological information in order to ensure the success of capturing, organizing, and utilizing pathway-related information. Data regarding pathways and interactions is already being accumulated in dozens of different formats, but no standard way of representing or exchanging them exists to date. In addition, the representations of pathways goes beyond data formats and should incorporate forms of scientific knowledge including inferred and hypothesized models.

In order to prevent the confusion that has occurred in bioinformatics due to the lack of early standards, we plan to be preemptive in considering specifications while this field is in its early stages. On a more fundamental level, representations of biological processes should provide the foundation for and thus may have an important bearing on the definition(s) of biological function. The BioPathways Consortium is an Open Consortium, and we invite interested members from industry, academia, and government to participate.

The BioPathways Consortium is Co-organized by, in alphabetical order by first name,
Aviv Regev, Eric Neumann, Joanne Luciano and Vincent Schachter.