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If there’s one thing that players from all countries enjoy it’s the option to play at a free spins casino. All of the major countries provide you with options to use free spins, from the United Kingdom to Canada, here in the United States and most places in between. Throughout this review, we will cover what T&C requirements may be in place, how free spins real money options work and what type of sites you need to look out for to ensure you’re getting the best possible selection of free spins around.

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If you’re not entirely sure exactly what a free spins online casino is, all shall be made very clear

free spins casino free spins casino

While a lot of these reviews that you find online will go straight into the more complex side of online casinos, we are also aware that people that are new to the casino world may be reading these articles, so we try and cover everything. First things first, free spins are a type of bonus provided to you by the casino as are featured here There are different types of free spins and we will cover what these are throughout this review. Free spins are a way for you to gamble, without the credit being taken from your real money wallet. It is an excellent way to win money for nothing and is becoming a more regular bonus to customers which has been excitedly welcomed.

There are many advantages of using freespins and not really any disadvantages to the player

There have been casino bonuses provided to players in the past that almost seem too good to be true and once people delve a little deeper into them, have realised certain restrictions and that maybe everything isn’t as good as first thought. With free spins, there aren’t really any hidden rulings that will come back to bite you once been used but there are different types and it’s important that you know the difference, so the types of free spins you can realistically look at receiving are as follows:

  • Free spins – If you see a promotion that is just offering free spins, this will tend to be the deposit free spins. Ver commonly found as part of a welcome bonus package, you will be given the option of claiming your 300 free spins. Once you click into this, it will normally require a low deposit, say $20, and once this deposit is made, 300 free spins will be credited to your account.
  • Free spins no deposit – These are the ones that you really want to look out for. They used to be a rare luxury, but they are starting to be found more and more easily. If you see these as part of a welcome package, click onto it and give it a try. You can use the free spins and then if you’re not happy with the casino, look elsewhere and find another casino.
  • Non-wagering free spins – These are extremely beneficial. With a lot of free spins promotions, the funds that you win of these free spins are not necessarily able to be collected immediately. Sometimes you will have to wager those winnings a set amount of time before being able to collect. So, if you win $20 off your free spins and the requirements is x10 wager, you will need to wager any winnings you get 10 times before being able to collect upon it. Non-wagering free spins, you can collect immediately so these can be rare.
  • Free spins in game – With a lot of the real money games, you will have certain symbols to light up or special symbols to collect that can open up a free spins feature bonus. These will take you into a separate screen a lot of the times and give you so many spins at bigger cash prizes. Once you’ve used those free spins, you will be returned to the normal screen and continue to play with your money.
  • Free Spins by NetEnt. Netent has partnered up with select online casinos and they are offering exclusive free spins on any netent games as long as they are accessed from the casinos which are regularly updated on NetEnt's free spins page .
  • Birthday free spins – A lot of the times, on your birthday, you will receive any number of bonuses, including free spins. These vary depending on the casino and can include one or all of the above so make sure you read the requirements when claiming them to know exactly what you have got.

The free spins bonus is an excellent promotion for you to claim, IF, it suits the games that you enjoy

Free spins are predominantly aimed towards players of slots. This is because, it doesn’t really work on any other game. The fact that most casinos boast hundreds, or thousands of different slots games means you will still have a vast selection of which games you wish to use your free spins on. There may also be limits included in your free spins. A common one is how much you can actually win using your free spins so if the maximum win is $50 and you have 200 free spins, if you win $50 in your first 10 spins, you will lose the remaining 190.

The best UK online casinos are providing free spins UK options so be sure to keep your eye out for the best offers

With the legislations as they are for players from the United States, you may be surprised to know that there are hundreds of casinos that will provide free spins to players. These are casinos that are based in overseas locations that have been providing for players for decades. It’s also good practice to see if the casino has an app you can download as a lot of the times, as a thank you for downloading the app, you may receive mobile casino free spins. There are also bitcoin casinos that offer free spins where you can win real btc back.

With so many websites offering free spins at different times, now is the time to try them out

We always feel grateful when receiving anything for free so free spins can leave a good taste in the mouth. Especially when you receive these out of the blue, for doing nothing. Many casinos provide regular bonuses so check your promotions tabs regularly and you may be pleased to see a nice little 500 free spins bonus just as a thank you for your loyalty. You can choose whether you wish to claim these bonuses or not, it may sound silly, why would you not? But if it’s a bonus that requires you to deposit a certain amount and you don’t tend on playing slots for a while, you can always give that one a miss. It’s completely up to you.