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Having looked in to free spins casino, what options are there of players based in India or have access to using rupee currency.

Here in our guide, we analyse and discuss online casinos in India. We will cover all aspects of gambling and what surrounds your typical online casino. From bonuses that reward free spins, to the security that protect your personal details. We give you clarity and knowledge to help you pursue the entertainment that is online gambling and to do it in a matter that is safe and secure.

We will guide you towards to best online casino and the right casino that suits your needs and requirements.

Find your new online casino

There are many online casinos in India. The internet is an open market for operators from all over the world offering up their online casino service to help you win real rupees online.

Selecting what to play and where to play is where most new players get stuck. For some, it only takes a large promotion on free spins to convince them of where to play, but bonuses aside, what are the real features that you should be paying more attention to?

With any online casino, there are key rules to follow when picking a place to join. Now, although we are here to guide you to some suggestions if you were to pursue this away from our recommended sites, keep these rules in mind.

1: A casino must be licensed – Our Online Casinos in India guide, can take you to the best of the best and we have tried and tested all, but without the list, how can you tell if a site is legitimate or not? Every casino online must be licensed, and the details are shown at the foot of the casino’s homepage. If there are no details, then they clearly have something to hide.

2: Banking is of huge importance, especially in India where the Banking Reserve is able to cease all casino related payments. For any want-to-be gambler out there, they must sign up to alternative banking services like Neteller or/and Skrill, in order to bypass the banking reserve.

3: Security is a given with all casinos online. How are you confident that the site you have joined is using up to date technology to secure your money and information? Most sites will use an SSL program that is common amongst the industry and within the online banking sectors, but some casinos will have out of date software. If the padlock icon in the URL search bar is not secure, then the software is old. Your device management tools should also detect and inform you.

Play instant online cash games

Games within all online casino sites in India will vary in quality and number. So, what do you hope to play, what should you play, and are there any games you should avoid? Let’s take you into the world of gaming and see what potential can be unleashed.

Gaming is vast online and is the main factor as to why players have shunned land-based casinos for this instant access gameplay. Online casinos in India are packed full of games that invite players to a game of cards or slots, perhaps exploring new game show features, or learn as you go at the numerous table games.

The number of games available do not come directly from the casino, games are designed and built by independent software developers like Microgaming and NetEnt, the casinos are merely shelves for these games to be stacked on.

There are about 100 developers out there, on average a casino will offer between 5 and 10 of them. The number of games will average between 200 to 500 titles. And some will offer you the chance to play demo games with free spins to help trial the game before playing with real money.

Live casino games

The experience of gaming online doesn’t just reside in the virtual realms of slot machines and RNG table games. Many of the online casinos in India are able to provide an alternative form of the standard money games online.

Live gaming or live casino is a streaming service that allows players to experience real-time entertainment. Broadcasted via webcams from the studios of the developers like Evolution Gaming, players in India can watch and communicate with the dealer that plays on real casino equipment. Your bets are placed with multiplier access and it gives the online community a new form of normal and real in terms of the casino atmosphere.

All the top online casinos in India house these live casino platforms and those without, may do without your vested interest.

But this is not where live gaming starts and ends. The world of live, instantaneous, real-time action also comes from the sports betting platforms that can be found within these casinos. You can access every worldwide sport including domestic cricket.

Sports betting includes live game streaming and in-play bets that make this the most immersive experience in the gambling industry. It is why sports betting is far superior to regular casino entertainment.

Claim your special welcome bonus

For all players out there looking to become successful inside of the great online casinos in India, then your journey can begin with a reward and welcome from each online casino out there.

The Welcome Bonus is the most famous of promotions. You will find every site offers one and they aren’t all the same, even though they may look it. With your bonus, you can play the money games online with either a range of free spins or credit bonuses. Some offers you will find are 100% free casino bonus rewards, whilst there are also some that require a payment or deposit to be made first.

Bonuses are like anything, there are good ones and there are not-so-good ones.

First, bonuses and promotions are there to lure players into joining and playing the games in their casino, rather than a competitor’s. The best of the bonuses like free spins are usually found within the casino’s main ongoing promotions, rather than the Welcome Bonus. This is mainly because these are not one-off, but a continued reward either passed out each week or month.

Remember, any bonus obtained, first read the terms and conditions before committing to it.

Laws behind Indian casinos

So, with all this insight, are online casinos in India even legal? Now, the answer is obviously yes, otherwise this is all rather pointless. But knowing your facts and understanding of the industry will help you to form an opinion and boost your general knowledge of the very subject that you enjoy.

Every online casino that is on the Indian market is not made by an Indian business or affiliated company. All sites are based overseas. These are, therefore, foreign online casino services. Are they legal? Yes. The Indian Gambling Act of 1867 does not ban foreign services on the internet. In fact, the only mention of them is to stipulate that they are not allowed to advertise their services in the country.

The casinos that are available, fully comply with these rules and regulations and also meet the compliance measures of the regulators that license them.

Getting a casino online is no easy process. So tight are the rules that even recently it was under order that casinos online must support and promote gambling awareness charities like

So, by knowing these factors, it can help towards picking the right casino from where you can access the right money games online for your preferred gaming style.

Feeling lucky? Take your free spin today

There is no one best online casino out there. The internet houses hundreds of them and the choice is ultimately yours. There are a number of award-winning online casinos in India and you can join more than one online casino if you wish.

There is no obligation to stay at a sight once signed up, in fact, the average new player will join about 4 or 5 casinos before they settle for one or two.

It comes back to what they offer in terms of their games. The best sites will offer you the right money games online that allow you to be entertained and give you that chance to win. After that, you will soon find everything else comes second.

So, if you are feeling lucky, why not grab your free casino bonus and see what you can win from the awarded free spins or rupee credit that is offered and take it from there.

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